is a multidisciplinary branding agency in Moscow. we are passionate designers. We specialize in the development of graphic design, branding and visual communication elements. we create precise and convincing design solutions, we design according to the strict principles of a modular system. the stylistics of our works are based on simple geometric shapes and expressive typography. in design, we adhere to an analytical approach: there is always logic and consistency in our developments. we believe that only a clearly designed system with a clear structure can be called a design.

design is the way
forward is a multidisciplinary branding agency work in the field of design requires continuous learning. we need to navigate in various fields of expertise in order to develop and improve. the name of our agency — — reflects this idea and means moving forward. we never stand still, we’re always moving, in search of the ideal. we love minimalism, we are passionate about typography, we are inspired by Japanese aesthetics — all of these are like mosaic elements that form the philosophy of our design. our pursuit of expressiveness and functionality is the driving force of


brand strategy
design strategy

brand identity
packaging design
package design
brand book
printing design
graphic design
art direction

ux/ui design
landing page
online store
corporate website
crm development
turnkey website development
technical support

our ground

at the stage of introduction, we carefully collect initial data, we strive to clearly define the tasks and intentions of the client. we provide professional advice and well-designed solutions to get a unique and productive result. we believe that fruitful cooperation is the key to successful project implementation.

an intuitive approach combined with strategic thinking and analytics helps us understand the fundamentals of running a client’s business. By analyzing the information received, we accurately determine the needs of the target audience (insight) and brand benefits. the results of our research become the basis for creating such a project that will strengthen the client’s business and improve the corporate brand culture.

our core team includes designers and analysts. based on the results of the client’s briefing, if necessary, we strengthen our team with trusted professionals. we involve experts at every stage of work: from a strategist to a web developer.

design concept
the creation of a design concept is a multi-stage and complex process. starting to develop a project, we always intuitively understand in which direction we need to move. After discussions and analysis of information, we initially develop the identity elements. then, by combining them, we create a visual system of brand identity. every our decision has a clear reasoning. we are always ready to give an exhaustive answer to the question: «why is it done this way and not otherwise?»


design is our passion and job.
it’s what we breathe and live.

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