and label design

unique label and packaging design is an effective marketing tool and criterion that significantly affects the promotion of the product. agency specializes in packaging and label design of various product groups. we create memorable, effective and efficient designs.

exclusive labels and packaging by are:

additional competitive advantage of the product that distinguishes it from similar products in the market;

part of a memorable and vivid image of the product, contributing to brand recognition and increasing the loyalty of the target audience;

stylish and attractive design that stimulates the growth of deliberate / spontaneous purchases;

effective protection against product counterfeiting.

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packaging design

aesthetic and high-quality packaging design is not only an important part of product design, which ensures its storage and transportation, but also an integral aspect of the visual image of a food or industrial product. the impression made by the product on the consumer depends on the graphics and font composition, color palette and packaging material. packaging informs the buyer about the functions and unique characteristics of the product, brings to light the idea and core values of the brand, adds value to the product.

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when developing packaging design, we take into account the following criteria:

product protection from external influences;

compliance with the corporate identity of the manufacturer;

emotional coloring
positive associations and emotions that push the target audience to purchase brand products;

tactual sensations
quality in the material.

label design

the label is a fundamental element of the appearance of a product that can powerfully stimulate sales, as well as emphasize quality and special benefits for the consumer as a result of its purchase. a well-designed label design, which is based on the basic idea of product presentation, and on effective graphics, expressive form and harmonious color presentation, is the key to successful promotion of a product to the market.

you can order design of:

the main label
contains the brand symbols and logo, name and main characteristics of the product. decorates the front side of the package.

the back labels
provides the consumer with the important information about the product, brand identity, barcode. located in the back side of the package.

the neck hangers
small format label fixed at the top of the package / container.

stages of label / packaging design development



  • development of packaging design concept.

  • result: presentation of the packaging concept


  • development of packaging design template.

  • result: layout prepared for printing


  • revision includes 1 stage of updating.

  • result: approved packaging layout

it’s time to create something amazing!

when designing labels and packaging, we accurately take into account the key features of the product, the competitive environment, preferences and expectations of the target group. with the packaging and labels developed by designers, your product acquires a qualitatively new value for the consumer, becomes more competitive and presentable. thus, you cover new market segments, attract more consumers and as a result make your business as profitable as possible.

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