what is rebranding?

rebranding is a set of strategic marketing activities aimed at renewing the brand, that contributes to its qualitative change without disappearing the old image and elements of recognition.

the main task of rebranding is to take a differentiated approach to the existing brand image: to preserve the positive components of the trademark by filling with modern, dynamic, unique features. the rolling.design advertising agency will perform professional rebranding — your brand will acquire a relevant, interesting image for the consumer, will take its niche in the target market and, as a result, will become a source of super-profits.

rebranding goals:

increasing the loyalty of the target group

strengthening of the company’s position in the market

maintaining brand uniqueness

rebranding: fighting for a place in the sun

to make a brand more recognizable, competitive and visible in the market, it is necessary to adjust it in time to the constantly changing modern conditions. no matter how popular your brand is, updates will be needed sooner or later. rebranding is an effective marketing tool even used by powerful global brands, investing a lot of money in the process of company renewal.

over time, the brand ceases to fulfill the tasks assigned to it, and this is natural: the modern world is changing rapidly. in this situation, it is important not to lose existing consumers, to take into account changes in the interests of the target audience. sometimes a new competitor appears on the playing field, actively building up momentum and displacing your brand from its positions. rebranding will be a powerful weapon for fighting for «a place in the sun».

when is rebranding necessary?

loss of brand relevance

the emergence of a strong competitor in the business arena

implementation of new strategic objectives

refocusing on new target audiences

changing or expanding the scope of activities







what does the complete brand renewal process involve?


ideological change


ideological change




strategy redesign


development of an up-to-date corporate identity


redesign of logo, name and slogan


making changes to the system of external and internal communication

rebranding by rolling.design: focus on results

the scope of work on rebranding is determined after an assessment of the current brand status is made — marketing audit of the brand, and the goals are set: whether a significant redesign of the brand image (repositioning) or superficial changes (restyling, redesign) are necessary.

brand audit is aimed at studying the level of brand recognition, its competitive advantages, strengths and weaknesses of positioning and the loyalty and responsiveness of the target audience to brand messages. a high-quality rebranding by the rolling.design is a new round of development for your brand, rise in the consumer’s loyalty and expansion of your target audience, and business profitability growth.

our prices for rebranding start at 600.000₽
the minimum period is 30 working days

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