logo design

the logo is the symbol of the brand, the starting point of its contact with the target audience, which lays the «first stone» in the foundation of the structure called «successful business» and makes a strong first impression. logo design is a fundamental stage in the creation of a corporate identity that separates brand from competition, grabbing consumers’ attention to it.

logo creation
by rolling.design

the creation of a company logo is the first and very important step in shaping its positive image by using a catchy visual image that makes the brand recognizable, which means it increases consumer confidence and sales. Rolling Press’s professional experience in advertising services allows us to confidently say that we will design a logo for you that will successfully promote your brand:

make a good first impression

attract consumer attention

perfectly memorized at a subconscious level

distinguish among competing companies

serve as the face and guarantor of the reliability of your company

logo design

the logo is perceived not only as an attractive picture, but as a set of signs and symbols that carry a certain meaning, allowing the consumer to either perceive the brand as «their own», or reject it. therefore, the logo is a key element of the visual range that describes the idea of the company’s activity and the essence of its positioning in the market — it requires an integrated approach in development, combining analytical, psychological and artistic techniques. logo is an element of the brand’s corporate identity, which will subsequently be used in advertising, office interior decoration and website design, on product packaging and corporate letterheads.

It is difficult to overestimate the work of generating the logo concept — this stage of corporate identity development should be entrusted only to a company that has extensive experience in the design of effective advertising and successful branding. the rolling.design portfolio is a guarantee that we will design a logo for you that makes it easy to identify and memorize your brand among competitors.

how do we create company’s logo?


we study the brand concept in detail so that the logo fully reflects it.


we fill each element of the logo with meaning and work out to the last detail for optimal perception by the target audience.


we use non-trivial creative solutions that highlight the logo, evoke positive emotions and associations among consumers.


we put into the logo elements that form the only correct idea of the company’s activities and status for the target group.


plagiarism and standards are not acceptable — your logo will actively contribute to the successful promotion of the brand and its positioning in the market.


we offer loyal prices — the logo design in the rolling press will be affordable for a company of any size.

of logo design



  • personal meeting, briefing.

    result: brief, commercial proposal


  • drawing up and signing a contract.

    result: contract


  • sketch search for graphic variations of the logo
  • and vectorization of the final version. 
  • determination of the corporate color palette and font.

    result: presentation no more than 2 logo concepts


  • designing the rules for the use of the logo.

    result: guidelines on the use of the logo

want to get a powerful marketing tool?

contact rolling.design — we will create a logo for you that maximizes the efficiency of your business, contributing to generating excess profits.

prices for logo design start at 100.000₽
the minimum period for the development of initial concepts is 10 working days

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