corporate style or
corporate identity

the corporate identity reflects the idea and spirit of the brand, carries its core values to the masses and creates added value — it convinces the potential consumer that the product or service you are offering is of higher quality compared to competitors, for which it is not a pity to part with the banknotes. a unique corporate image allows the target audience to quickly identify your brand (product, service) and creates a positive image of a reliable and successful company for the consumer. will develop an exclusive and strong corporate identity for your brand that will help you effectively position and promote your brand in the market.

main components of corporate identity

logo, color palette and graphics are constant values of corporate identity, constants of its visual and verbal expression, intended for the design of documentation and advertising materials, packaging and labels, office interiors and branded clothing, and other style carriers. the creation of a single package of unique graphic elements reflecting the conceptual presentation of the brand is aimed at emphasizing its originality, key values and competitive advantages.


the most striking brand identifier in verbal expression and unique style, which gives impetus to the development of a logo and other elements of corporate identity.


ensures brand awareness, its positive perception and quick fixation in the memory of the target group. the logo is present on all elements of the corporate identity. its development is a key link in the brand’s visual identification system.

graphic arts

promotes the disclosure of the brand idea: its essence, values, character. corporate graphics allows you to maintain the unity of the advertising and information media design.

color palette

an integrated color scheme is a prerequisite for the artistic presentation of all components of the corporate identity, which units them into an integral system of visual images.

stages of creating
a corporate identity



  • personal meeting, briefing.

  • result: brief, commercial proposal


  • contract execution.

  • result: a compiled contract


  • sketch search for graphic variants of the logo and vectorization of the final version.

  • result: presentation of no more than 2 logo concepts


  • development of design templates for basic media.

  • result: layouts ready for printing


  • design of rules and constants for corporate identity elements.

  • result: corporate Identity guidance


  • implementation of brand identity, consulting, training of the client’s company employees.

  • result: corporate identity in action 


  • support and supervision, recommendations for further promotion, audit.

  • result: we constantly keep our finger on the pulse of your brand

how much does it cost to develop a corporate identity?

our prices for creating a corporate identity start at 400.000₽
the minimum term for the development of initial concepts is 25 working days

it’s time to create
something amazing!’s verified corporate style will help your brand to take a stable position on the map of consumer preferences of the target group. we know our business!

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