guidebook — passport of standards

qualified development of a brand’s visual system and its quality implementation is the key to effective impact on the target group and, as a result, the main factor in creating a successful business. in this process, it is important to adhere to strict rules for working with a corporate identity so that the idea, goals and mission of the company are not distorted and are correctly read by the consumer.

it is the main purpose of designing a guidebook — a guide to the use of corporate identity elements. agency, along with the creation of a unique corporate identity, will also develop a guidebook with clear instructions for its implementation at a high professional level.

what is a guidebook for?

companies aimed at long-term and fruitful work in the marketplace strive for successful brand positioning and the formation of the target audience loyalty. To ensure this task, creates original corporate identity, which helps the brand to stand out from the competition and quickly identify the consumer. The guidebook is used to competently handle the visual constants of the corporate identity, to consolidate the principles by which the visual system functions.

a clearly defined guidebook helps ensure that the specialists responsible for the promotion, advertising and information support of the brand can ensure the unity of the corporate identity when solving applied tasks for visualizing the company’s idea.

guidebook content

description of constants

description of visual constants: name, logo, color scheme, font compositions.

terms of use

formulation of rules governing the use of corporate identity elements: color ratios, the location of the main fields, the security field of the logo, and unacceptable placement options.

design principles

verbalization of the basic principles of corporate identity media design: advertising materials, internal and outgoing business documents, business cards, souvenirs, web media.

goals and objectives of the guidebook

a concise description of each element of the corporate identity and the development of a guide for its use in the form of a guidebook solves a number of strategic and tactical tasks of the company:

ensures the integrity of all processes aimed at creating a advantageous brand image in line with its goals.

formulates specific instructions for the only correct communication of the brand ideology to the target audience, the formation of the necessary image in the mind of the consumer.

simplifies the work of the design, marketing and advertising department of the company, making it possible to simplify the preparation of materials for the creation of promotional products as much as possible.

your secret to success agency will develop a concise and understandable guidebook for your company that will allow you to effectively operate the corporate identity and distinguish the brand from a number of similar ones on the market, strengthen its position in the minds of the consumer and increase sales.

our prices for the development of a guidebook start at 50.000₽
the minimum period for designing the guidance is 5 working days

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