brand book
or brand guidelines 

a brand book is a strategic document containing a complete list of information about brand positioning, its strategy and philosophy, key brand constants, elements of corporate identity, rules for their construction and use.

the list of sections of the brand book may vary. the full version of the brand book will always contain a description of the brand positioning strategy, its mission and vision, a unique selling proposition, reasons to trust the brand, and also contain the maximum list of recommendations for branding various types of advertising and image brand media from packaging design and advertising layout templates to the design of employees’ uniforms and registration of vehicles.

structure of a complete, integrated brand book


strategy and positioning

  • brand positioning is the first, so-called theoretical section of the brand book, which structures and presents the most important information about the brand, its strategy and positioning in the most understandable and accessible form.

  • at this stage, we conduct comprehensive marketing research, examine the market, its potential, target audience, competitive environment and segment development trends.

  • on the basis of the data obtained, we form a marketing mix of the future brand, define its competitive offer as a unique combination of characteristics that are highly consistent with the expectations of the selected target audience. we also determine the balance of price and brand value, sales and promotion channels, create a strategy for the growth and development of the future brand, form an idea of the image and character of the future brand.

reference brand image

  • corporate identity, or visual system of the brand includes a complete list of graphic, color and font constants of the brand that form its uniqueness and inimitable identity. from a practical perspective, this is one of the most important sections of the brand book. it contains a detailed description of the visual image, the principles of its construction, the interaction of the brand with the target audience: the image as a whole, the rules for its formation and maintenance, semiotics and semantics, signs, symbols, brand color palette, additional graphical environment are the main requirements for the brand’s visual system — to support brand positioning, to reveal its key advantages, benefits and uniqueness, thereby helping the consumer to make a decision in favor of the brand.

list of media

  • a complete list of corporate identity carriers is the most applied section of the brand book. it contains detailed recommendations for the correct use of elements and media of corporate identity, as well as fully prepared working files. in particular, all versions of the logo in vector format, layouts of business cards, corporate documentation, printing and pos-materials, samples of interior and exterior solutions, navigation elements, design of corporate vehicles, as well as layouts of packages, catalogs and advertising media. the presence of ready-made working files greatly simplifies the work with the brand and guarantees the preservation of the unity of the brand perception in the long term.

brandbook by branding agency is a leader in brand book development. companies trust us to develop their brands, create their visual image and position brands in such segments as corporate and retail branding.

the brand book created in allows you to structure and organize all information about your brand, subordinate its visual system to a single logic, and also develop a set of recommendations that will allow you to maintain the unity and integrity of the brand image in all communications.

a professionally designed brand book is an effective tool for forming an image and promoting a brand, the main reference point in the development of new products, creation of new advertising and marketing campaigns, information carriers, souvenir, printing and promotional products. the progressive growth of the brand only actualizes the need to develop a professional brand book that will help your brand develop even faster, attract new loyal customers, partners, maintain its individuality and qualitatively differentiate itself from competitors.

how much does it cost to develop a brand book?

the cost of a brand book depends on its volume and content. that is, the number of branding elements in the practical part of the brand book (this includes layouts of individual corporate identity media: outdoor signs, packaging, corporate vehicles, advertising media, etc.), as well as the content of its theoretical part describing the brand philosophy, positioning concept, target audience and the whole marketing mix. in some cases, a brand, that has been on the market for a long time or focused on a very narrow target segment, does not need a detailed description of its strategy, positioning and philosophy. in this case, the cost of developing a brand book will be significantly lower.

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