Cutting edge security technologies from INTBK

Inspired by the construction and functional capability of INTBK product’s range, the Rolling.Design studio has created a brand identification system for the company, based on the idea of encryption. As a result, it was created the simple clean corporate style, that reflects a unique and cutting-edge design of INTBK products.

The circle shape was chosen as the key element of the corporate style, since this shape forms the basis of each INTBK device: cylinder locks, door and window fittings, etc. 

Within the project, was created an alphabet, which permits to encrypt and represent any keyword in the form of graphic codes.

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INTBKCorporate Branding

Sails & Skillslogo design

YULA girls tightsBranding, Packaging, Art / Creative Direction

BUSINESS KRUGCorporate branding

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VEDOTECHCorporate branding

LEL'PERICorporate branding

BATEGABranding, Packaging